A Review of Rosie Hungtington-Whiteley’s

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A Review of Rosie Hungtington-Whiteley’s
13 Oct
It’s British Week at this time on ITG. Why? Well, why now not! But additionally to have fun the United Kingdom release of Glossier. Consider this a heat, editorial welcome to all our new pals over in Blighty. Starting with Victoria Beckham, we will be sharing tales from our favourite Brits—plus a couple of discoveries now we have made ourselves. Stay tuned… Cheerio!

I am certain there is a lot I do not know about Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. Whether she likes herbal deodorant or will get alongside simply positive with Mitchum, for one. If she’s a morning or evening showerer for any other. (Please, Rosie if you are studying this, let’s do your Top Shelf!) One other thing I do not know, only for a laugh: Why the hell is Rosie’s very good superstar make-up, Rosie for Autograph, is handiest to be had in the United Kingdom???

Over the years, now we have heard inform—thru interviews most commonly—that Rosie’s line is low-key nice. And but, being New York-based, we had been powerless to enjoy it. Think about Rosie for Autograph as you possibly can take into consideration Salma Hayek’s line for CVS (do you take into consideration that?)…Rosie’s is completely an element of the choices on the British-based Marks & Spencer chain. And concentrate, I am getting how licensing works. I even get how world transport works! But what I do not get is why Rosie would need to skip out at the actually large US marketplace together with her very well-priced and really well-formulated merchandise. Come on, Rosie! We would actually purchase the crap out of all of this. Things like:

  • A Liquid Liner that is the very best felt tip I have ever used for an exact flick
  • A Lip Glossy in Super Model Smile that is the right combination between a “my lips but better” colour stick lip gloss shine
  • A Cream Blusher that is rosy (becoming) however provides that sunburnt colour in the event you construct it up
  • A Shadow Stick that is a Caviar Stick through any other title
  • A highlighter known as Get The Glow that is an eerie combine between purple, bronze, and silver–I will be able to’t determine it out and adore it all of the extra for that

I went to London and were given all of it, so I am glad. But please, for the sake of all Americans (and Australians, too!) Rosie, send us Autograph. More very good reasonably priced make-up for us, extra marketplace proportion for you. It’s a win-win.

—Emily Ferber

For now, you will have to make do with the Brits whose make-up is lately to be had within the states. Read Wendy Rowe’s Top Shelf right here.

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