A Dual Review Of Leonor Greyl’s Banana Milk

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A Dual Review Of Leonor Greyl’s Banana Milk
15 May
If there’s something Eva Alt and Anna Stevenett percentage but even so table area, it’s a love of aesthetically-driven good looks merchandise. They spend their days sitting throughout from every different sending every different hyperlink after hyperlink to merchandise like this blush, or this masks (“it’s periwinkle!”). As such, it’s truly now not unexpected that they concurrently came upon Leonor Greyl’s Lait Lavant a los angeles Banane this fashion:

Eva: “Let’s talk about this new banana shampoo. I love banana smelling beauty products.”
Anna: “Yes please. I additionally undoubtedly love a good looks product that is outlined as ‘milk.’
Eva: “Any product with the phrase ‘milk’ within the identify I will be able to purchase lol. It’s a bit dear, however I’m intrigued—and the packaging!!!”
Anna: “You know how I feel about good packaging.”

So they each cross house and check out the shampoo. Turns out the feel is unexpected (“it comes out of the bottle like…a light foam?”) and best possible for any person with high quality hair who washes it steadily. Gentle to be used on color-treated hair, too. They each agree the revel in is pleasant—“not like any shampoo I’ve used before”—and, relying on the place a pleasing shampoo falls for your priorities record, value the associated fee tag. “We use these products daily—they should make us happy!” says Eva. Anna replies, “And it’s 80 degrees out—banana milk is definitely the shower mood right now.”

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